Course Overview

Facebook is the behemoth of community building so the opportunities here are biblical in scale. This course includes everything you need to know to improve and optimize your paid and organic Facebook efforts. This course is meant for marketers looking for actionable and impactful ways to use this popular social network to grow their businesses.

Format: Online Live Classes (over Zoom)

Course Fee:

Classroom Learning: AED 3499

Over Zoom from Anywhere: AED 2499

Completing this course will help you:

  • Set up a Facebook Business page and build a community around it
  • Learn what it takes to craft a stellar Facebook marketing strategy.
  • Grow your organic Facebook reach
  • Learn what it takes to build an efficient and effective Facebook Ads strategy.
  • Unleash the potential of the platform feature, create compelling Facebook ads and ensure they come before the right eyeballs thanks to a canny mix of targeting strategies


What you’ll learn

Module 1: Developing an Effective Facebook Marketing Strategy to grow your business

Establish your business presence on Facebook through the setup, growth and management of your Facebook Page & Facebook Group. Learn what it takes to craft a stellar Facebook marketing strategy.

Module 2: The essential guide to Facebook Page posts

Connect with customers with shared updates, photos and videos in your Page posts. Learn tips and tricks to develop content for Instagram that will really make a difference.

Module 3: How to Grow Your Organic Facebook Reach

Growing your organic audience on Facebook can be challenging. Learn what it takes to build an audience and expand your reach on Facebook.

Module 4: Facebook Ads

Learn what you need to know to grow your business with Facebook ads including generating leads on Facebook, crafting a strategy, designing winning ad campaigns, measuring your success, and running ads.