Course Overview

This dynamic specialized social marketing course covering Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Instagram gives you the skills, know-how, strategy, and techniques to be that change. Here is power. The power to influence. To speak to billions of people.

Format:  Classroom Learning or Online Live Classes (over Zoom)

Course Fee:

Classroom Learning: AED 5499

Over Zoom from Anywhere: AED 2999

Completing this course will help you:

  • Develop an engaging and effective social media strategy for your business
  • Build an inbound social media strategy that delights your customers and grows your bottom line
  • Learn what it takes to craft a stellar Facebook marketing strategy.
  • Learn how to develop a Twitter growth strategy that will propel both your brand and your business forward.
  • Learn top tips on using LinkedIn for professional networking, business, and marketing.
  • Learn how to build and implement a successful organic Instagram marketing strategy.
  • Build your audience and your brand on YouTube, the world’s second-largest search engine behind Google.

What you’ll learn

Module 1: Social Media Marketing- Introductory Session

  • Understand the social media foundations
  • A Social Media Strategy
  • Understand the basics of YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and blogging
  • Using Social Media to Build One-to-One Relationships


Module 2: Social Media Listening & Monitoring

Social media is so much more than a way to amplify your message—it’s a powerful listening device that your whole company can learn from. It’s important to understand the difference between social listening and social monitoring, how to build these simple processes into your routine, how to use social monitoring for competitive intelligence, and how to choose social media technology to fit your business needs.

Module 3: Content Creation

Eye-catching graphics. Winning headlines. Messaging that resonates. Enhance your creativity by finding and testing what works best for your audience.

Module 4: Facebook

Facebook is the behemoth of community building so the opportunities here are biblical in scale. This module helps you:

Understand the enduring appeal of this great big, sprawling original, set up a Facebook Business page and build a community around it, unleash the potential of the platform feature, create compelling Facebook ads and ensure they come before the right eyeballs thanks to a canny mix of targeting strategies, learn all about KPI monitoring, ongoing measurement, reach up to 1.6 billion human beings on any given day

Module 5: Twitter

Want to build an advanced Twitter marketing strategy to garner more followers, retweets, traffic, and sales?

Twitter is a different animal – less community, more punch. It’s also surprisingly young and ever-so-slightly more male. The media is the message (think about it). Twitter literally challenges you to be ‘more clever”, and this module shows you how.

We cover:

What a winning Twitter account looks and acts like how to use Twitter Ads Manager the right Twitter Ad format for your campaign using Twitter Analytics for even more cleverness how to create more Twitterish content – snappy, sharp, shareable, and short. Because Twitter doesn’t suffer fools

Module 6: LinkedIn

This one is all about slick and effortless professionalism. Learn how to use features such as Company pages and Showcase pages, to create an exemplary presence for your company – and gain a deep understanding of what that means in this context.

Here you encounter ad formats such as Text ads, Sponsored ads, Sponsored InMail’s, Display ads, and the aptly named Dynamic ads. See what best practice means on this platform, strategize like a CEO and measure the effectiveness of your campaigns. It’s a bit like wearing smart casual.

Module 7: Instagram

And now for something young and cool, where product placement is as easy and seamless as 20 minutes of unplanned scrolling. Behold Instagram, the behemoth of the future.
The module gives you a deep understanding of how Instagram platforms work (faster, more visual), how to make your brand work in these very different spaces, and why you need this great spread of messaging across the platforms. Create a go-to Insta account. Strategize, advertise and optimize. And learn how here too analytics equals #superpowers

Module 8: YouTube & Social Video

YouTube because you have eyes to see. And a picture speaks a thousand words – and this being social, should inspire a few thousand too. Social video is one of the most awesome tools in your new bag of digital tricks. And video is no longer the preserve of guys with film study degrees.
This superpower is now yours, and here we give you all the tech and thought basics to make it happen, including how to set up and manage a YouTube channel and create strategies that don’t treat creativity like a buzzword. Learn how video sits within the rest of your mix across platforms, build your online audience and use advertising and analytics for visual campaigns that mesmerize.

Module 9: Google My Business

Learn how to grow your business with Google My Business and get more reviews and increase your local search results.

Module 10: Social Media Checklist

  • Promote your social media offline
  • Understand Tools used for Social Sharing, Engaging Social Promotions
  • Create Custom Tabs, Coupons, Apps, Contests, and Offers!


Module 11: Measuring Success

What is social media return on investment, or ROI? Simply put, it’s the results you get from everything you do in social media, ranging from protecting your reputation, building brand awareness and loyalty, retaining and satisfying customers, and directly earning or saving revenue. While social ROI is not easy to measure, you can and should be putting systems in place to regularly track your return on investment. This lesson covers all the ways to do so.

Module 12: Essentials for Continued Success in Social Media

Social media is an evolving field, and understanding the challenges, risks, and opportunities for continued success is critical for social media professionals. Learn about the importance of understanding the governance and risks associated with social media through proactive word-of-mouth programs like employee advocacy and social media plans. In addition, social media activities are not only positive events but may offer new challenges with significant and negative consequences to a business. Having a crisis plan that’s adaptive and proactive is critical for social media success.